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It is our pleasure to provide you as much health-related information as we can, for which we list a number of site links at the bottom of this page. Your care and well being is our greatest concern, and we want your visit with us to be as comfortable as possible. In addition, our highly qualified staff is available to assist you if you have special needs.

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There are many reasons why one might seek a Psychiatrist. It can be for a new diagnosis, chronic mental  health issues, or problems with depression, substance abuse, PTSD. Seeking psychiatric support can also be in response to unexpected changes in one's life such as grief, anxiety, stress management, or challenging life transitions and adjustments.

With Dr. Akinlabi Sanusi's experience, compassion,  and expertise you can gain control,  insight, and tools to move forward in midst of challenges and stressors. Whether you have a diagnosis or simply value a wholistic body and mind lifestyle, Dr. Sanusi and his team will provide the service that best suits your needs.